Monday, January 31, 2011

*Winter Storm Warning*

A major winter storm is predicted for the Lake area, which will include ice, heavy wind, frigid temperatures and significant snow accumulations.  We wanted to take a moment to remind you of our snow removal procedures ...

We will plow and salt the main subdivision roads first and continue our attention on them until they are clear and as safe for travel as we can make them under the conditions, and then move onto the secondary roads when we can.

We generally won't plow the parking areas until the roads are cleared and the storm has abated.

We generally do not begin plowing until there is two inches of snow on the roads ... it can make driving conditions even more dangerous to plow too early and is hard on the plows and the roads.

Please do not park on the roadways when there is a chance of inclement weather ... it makes it extremely difficult for us to be able to maneuver the plows safely and fully clear the roads and there is a risk of damage to your vehicle. Of greatest concern, it creates a dangerous situation for others. For safety issues, your car may be towed, without notice, at your expense.  If you are concerned about being able to get out, please contact the office and we will try to help you find a safe place to leave your vehicle.

Even when the roads have been cleared, please use extreme caution when driving, especially keeping your speed down ... as you know, our roads are hilly and winding and even the very best efforts can leave some slippery patches.

You may want to check road conditions outside your neighborhood prior to embarking on any travel ... often clearing of the county and state roads lags behind us and you may find them in unpassable condition.

If you have questions or note an area that needs attention due to the weather, please contact the office.  The on-call line is available when the office is closed.

Most of all, we ask your patience, with this level of predicted storm activity, it will be difficult at best to keep the roads clear.  The crew will remain on duty throughout the storm and stay on after until everything is safe for passage again, but please understand that they can only do so much and their safety and well being is also of great concern to us.

Be safe!!

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